Zoomers Automotive
for collectors with discriminating taste

We are a full service hot rod shop, led by craftsman Lee Bumgardner. 
From restorations to totally custom designs and builds, we can design and implement anything you can imagine. Our Award winning cars have been gracing the covers of the industries top publications for over 20 years.  We will make your automotive dreams a reality. 

If your looking for innovation, imagination, and talent we have it all, ready and available to make your automotive dreams come true. Looking to update your classic with the newest technology, but want it to still pass the classic test? Not sure if what you want can be delivered? This is the place for your beauty. We have hand selected a crew of the best builders and technicians on the automotive scene today. There is a reason we've grown into a successful business while using absolutely no marketing: we are excellent at our craft, and excellence speaks for itself. 

When it comes time to build your next project, call us first and find out what Zoomers Automotive can do for you.

Check out this bit of cool work done by Lee Bumgardner and his team. This gentleman wanted real guns attached to the front of his car with a switch-trigger accessible from the drivers seat. Zoomers Auto delivered the dream yet again!

Zoomers is proud to announce another car in "Street Roder" Magazine

Another Satisfied Customer

"I was tired of having to manually roll down my windows. Zoomers installed power windows and power locks, while still keeping true to the original design. Now I love my truck even more!" Jason M.

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